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Bumfights Vol 1 : Cause For Concern DVD, Documentary

Bumfights Vol 1 : Cause For Concern DVD, Documentary

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A video series featuring a teenage film crew recording homeless people fighting and performing in shenanigans across the Las Vegas and California metropolitan areas.

STARS: Bling Bling, Donald Brennan, Donny

56 min | Documentary, Reality-TV | 2002 | Color


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I love every minute of this movie. It is just awesome. I've never seen a movie like this, but now it has become one of my favorites. The Bumhunter is the best. I think the best line is when the big black bum is yelling "You In Black Territory!" . Anyways, this movie is just pure greatness, and would recommend it to anyone who likes reality, because this really shows the reality of the world of bums. LOL

Shocking yet very interesting and educational
I am one of those people that enjoy seeing shocking footage. Through the TV, Internet or DVD. I came across Bumfights couple of years ago, and since then i have had urge to find more of its kind through out the world. I must warn any one viewing the Bumfights collection (1-4) that it is not for the faint hearted and no one will care if you feel bad after watching the fighting, abuse of homeless and teasing of druggies.
Bumfights one was the original and best of all the ones i have seen so far, it is what started everything and now has moved onto bumfights 4 (2006) which i haven't seen myself. Basically, the DVD contains, prostitutes, homeless fighting, homemade footage of kids fighting and street gangs fighting. A lot of homeless drinking...homeless fighting....homeless shagging and a lot of homeless abuse.
YEAH, some people will think this is shocking and should not be aloud to happen, but this is getting the message out to the world about how badly some people are still living in high societies such as L.A las Vegas and etc...
I recommend the Bumfight series to more "extreme" people, or even people that are interested in this sort of cruelty a.k.a ME! If you have seen Bumfights already and enjoyed the first one, make sure you get to watch the whole package! The 2nd and 3rd instalment are not as good, but all 3 have their own style of editing, footage and "bums". There is another DVD which i would recommend being Indecline which can be purchased in their website, indecline basically is the old owners of bumfights (I believe). Very good footage, of graffiti and it is more focused on social problems of USA.
The websites which you can purchase the dvds are I have never had any troubles myself ordering from these websites and will be ordering the 4th instalment very soon.

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good shape


i still dont have my item and for some reason it says its in germany wth :/