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Bullies  When the peaceful Morris family move to a small town and buy the town grocery store, they run afoul of the Cullen family. The Cullen’s have been bullying the town’s folk for years, and now they are harassing the Morris family every chance they get. Matt meanwhile meets and starts seeing a lot of Becky who also likes him. Unfortunately her last name is Cullen, and when the rest of the family finds out about their relationship, they decide to get even, and their harassment is elevated to vicious assault.

unknown actors in it…but still a good movie !!

Bullies  this movie really contain a lot of brutal action… i really like this movie indeed… it has a lot of action, and the story line goes well. this is one of the better grade b movies i have seen! come on guys… this is not a stupid movie. give this movie a chance. it deserves to be rated 6 and above in IMDb list. what can i say about this movie?? the actors are unknown, but still, they perform well in this movie! the story line is pretty good too! i’m giving this movie a chance! so i’m giving it 10/10..

try to watch this movie.. i really recommend this movie to everyone… every movie should be given a chance… as a conclusion, this a GOOD MOVIE!!! BRAVO !!!

Action Packed

This is a really good movie and again I probably liked it more than most people. If you read my review for disturbing behavior you know I like a real good group or individual who is the villain and the cullians certainly are that. They are evil individual but when you get them together they are even worse. This movie shows what money can do to people maybe in a non-realistic way but it still did. If you like action and drama rolled into one then this movie is for you. I guarantee as you watch the movie you will not be able to wait until the cullens get whats coming to them and I am not going to reveal if they do or not you are just going to have to watch it. Great actors and a Great simple plot that is easy to follow. This movie is another favorite of mine so that is why in my opinion it deserves a 9/10
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