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Blazing Across the Pecos

Blazing Across the Pecos

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Blazing Across the Pecos, Ace Brockway is trying to drive Matt Carter out of business by having Indians attack his trading posts. Steve Blake arrives and gets appointed Deputy to the inept Marshal Smiley Burnette. First he foils Brockway’s attempt to supply rifles to the Indians. Then he has the Editor print that Carter has $20,000 in his safe. He figures Brockway will make an attempt to get it and the Durango Kid will be ready.


“I’ll blast that hombre right out of this town!”

Blazing Across the Pecos, If memory serves correctly, my summary line quote sounds like something Yosemite Sam might have said to Bugs Bunny in one of those early Warner Brothers cartoons that frequently parodied Hollywood films. If not, then he should have.

Fans of the Durango Kid know that the story writers regularly recycled his adventures so it’s not unusual to run across films that are similar in nature. “Blazing Across the Pecos” has villainous mayor of Pecos Flats, Ace Brockway (Charles C. Wilson) selling rifles to the Indians who in turn raid a series of trading posts owned by Matt Carter (Thomas E. Jackson), in an effort to force Carter out of business so Brockway can take over all the local commerce. A few years later, the Durango Kid found himself in a similar situation in 1951’s “Snake River Desperadoes”, another early Western unique to my mind because it actually featured Smiley Burnette and his Silver Coronet Band performing a polka! Now that’s versatile.

Speaking of Smiley, he’s got a gimmick here in which he tries to perform the old tablecloth pull from the table trick without losing any glasses. He didn’t do too bad with three glasses but sort of goofed when he tried fifty eight. I’m sure he needed just a little more practice.

Now here’s a trick Durango manages to pull off that’s even better than Smiley’s. Remember when he was chasing the stagecoach with the outlaw inside who was guarding the carbines destined for the Indians? Well Durango shot the guy, who was sitting with his back to the rear of the stagecoach, and the bullet hit him in the chest! That would have been a trick shot enough by itself, but that bullet had to also make a ninety degree left turn into the stagecoach! That Durango sure had control of his weapon!

Well none of this stuff was supposed to make sense for the matinée kid fans back in the day, as long as the good guys won and the bad guys got what was coming to them. A few tunes by Smiley Burnette and The Western Aces band provided some additional entertainment in this one, and on top of that, Smiley even let out with a ‘Jumpin’ Jehosophat’ at one point. I guess he was having a pretty good time.

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