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Asteroid: Final Impact

Asteroid: Final Impact

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Asteroid: Final Impact  A deadly meteor storm has been labeled a one-time celestial occurrence, but astrophysicist Steve Thomas believes something worse is yet to come. After discovering his asteroid tracking satellite is secretly being used for military surveillance, Steve leaks the truth to the press, and it costs him his reputation, his job, and his friends. With the backlash of being a whistle-blower, the pressure threatens to tear his family apart, just when Steve discovers a threat to the entire planet: a giant dark asteroid invisible to current detection systems will soon strike the Earth. Barred from using his own satellite to prove the asteroid’s existence, Steve is forced to work in the shadows in a desperate attempt to save humanity. Saving mankind from a dark future.

Not bad for a TV disaster movie

Asteroid: Final Impact  I don’t know why the ratings for this movie are so low. It’s honestly not a bad TV disaster movie. The graphics are actually quite good for a TV movie, despite other reviews. I mean what are you expecting? Big budget graphics? No way. But this movie does well. I’ve seen every disaster movie ever made and the CGI in this movie is far superior to most other TV disaster movies. Some were just laughable, but not here. The plot is a tad recycled, but a bit new. The acting was also good. I’ve seen bad acting, and this movie doesn’t come close to bad acting. Great? No. Bad? No. Give it a try acting and decide for yourself. Anyone who likes disaster movies should appreciate it. Though I would have liked to see a bit more disaster scenes, I’m quite pleased with this movie.

Well done. Great Quality.

The Audio, video, editing & actors all did a great job on this disaster film. However, the screenplay character behavior needed work. Clearly, a third rate scriptwriter. The story was good but the behaviors had these good actors running around & breaking into gov’t facilities to save the world as the clueless FBI agents & gov’t minions chase after them with guns.

Once again, the roving gang of bullies tries to trash another Scifi film… just for the fun of it. These worst movie critics are juveniles & crazies trying to get attention & attacking any film too smart for the peebrain or getting revenge on their parents generation by trashing decent movies.

A high school grade C script on character behaviors. But still a pleasant film to watch. No battles, blood or violence. Just meteors wreaking havoc upon the earth & the whistleblower trying to stay ahead of the authorities & disasters. His family doesn’t understand him. Their shallow needs are paramount.

A standard disaster story, so you can watch it with your family. Similar to the movie Earthquake in the 70’s.

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