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Angel in the Family

Angel in the Family

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Angel in the Family  Sarah Bishop and her estranged sister Beth are reunited after their father Buddy suffers a mild stroke. Buddy, who’s never accepted the loss of his wife Lorraine, wants only one thing-to return home for Christmas. With sweet memories of a life gone by, Sarah makes an impossible wish that her mother could be there, too. By morning, it is as if a winter prayer has been answered. Bearing a message of hope, healing, and everlasting love, a miracle has arrived… A miracle mends a family torn apart.

Very warming movie with excellent values


Angel in the Family  The story basically is about a widower father and his two daughters who often had disputes. The father got really ill near Christmas, so he and his two daughters spent the Christmas in their old family home.

By some miracle, their mother who passed away several years previous suddenly came back to help straighten things out.

I suppose that this is a fantasy that everyone who lost a loved one has, and this movie was a nice exploration of what could happen in such a case.

Aside from that, this movie has excellent moral values and is perfect for the whole family. Subtly but surely, this movie illustrates mainstream Judeo-Christian values. It successfully showed us the problems of addictions, abortion, fornication and obsessions without showing us the ugly side of humanity — an extremely unusual feat.

Those who do not like being preached to would likewise enjoy this movie, as even though it is a movie of morality, it does not try to indoctrinate or preach.

This is the perfect movie.

Excellent movie…

A Must See – especially for those who have experienced the great loss of someone they love… just goes to show us all – that even tho we’ve lost the physical person we had here on Earth – their love & spirit radiates/stays all around us until it’s our time to go to Heaven. The movie reflects Life as it is in Our Time – hard, too busy, full of misunderstandings… Then shows us the bottom line – that Love will get us thru no matter what. That we should all take good care of each other – seeing past our deceiving exteriors – well into each other’s true hearts. Meredith Baxter and all of the actors in this movie – did a great job! Want to get this movie for our home collection – will view it over and over and over again!

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