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A Murder Is Announced

A Murder Is Announced

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A Murder Is Announced, A murder is announced in the Chipping Cleghorne Gazette to take place on October 5th, 7 PM at Little Paddocks cottage. The people living there, retired secretary Miss Blacklock, her companion Miss Bunner, Miss Blacklock’s two distant cousins, Patrick and Julia and Mrs.Haymes, a gardener, have no idea what the ad is about. Several villagers arrive at the house under the false pretenses of “just walking by” or “Was in the neighborhood”. At exactly 7 PM, the lights go out, and a man enters the room, and shines a flashlight in everyone’s face. Then shots are heard. As the lights come back on, they find the man who entered the room has been shot. Miss Marple must unmask the killer but soon more murders turn up.

STARS: Geraldine McEwan, Christian Coulson, Cherie Lunghi

94 min | Drama, Crime, Mystery | 2005 | Color


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Intriguing and engaging mystery
The local newspaper in the village of Chipping Cleghorn are astonished, and mostly amused, when a personal ad is posted announcing a murder. It gives the time and place, a house in the village. A party is being held at that time and place and at the exact time announced an intruder bursts in, wanting money. He fires a few shots, hitting one of the woman at the party, and leaves. Upon exiting the room, the party- goers find him dead in the next room, shot. He was a Swiss hotel concierge from the village. The police think it was a prank and that the man committed suicide after hitting the woman and panicking. Miss Marple is in the village and thinks it was murder.
Intriguing. Good mystery, with a lot of suspects but no obvious guilty party. Some interesting characters and complex relationships make for engaging viewing.
Cast includes Zoe Wanamaker, who appeared as Ariadne Oliver in several of the Poirot episodes, and Alexander Armstrong (of Armstrong and Miller fame) as Detective Inspector Craddock.

Marvellous Wanamaker,Excellent McEwan
A splendid edition of Announced, basically faithful in spirit and plot line to the original, and played with uncanny style and skill by Zoe Wanamaker in excellent form.The chemistry among Letiltia Blacklock and her friend Bunny(a great Elaine Page) is perfect,giving a deep insight in their friendship and in their mutually protective relationship,and offering to us a touch of poetry in the dramatic ending, when everything is solved by a formidable Geraldine McEwan .The middle age love story among Cherie Lunghi and Robert Pugh ,even if not present in the novel,is delicate and moving.And Sienna Guillory, with her dark,looming ,menacing presence is the absolute,ultimate Christie dark lady.Excellent,excellent,excellent!

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