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A Mom For Christmas

A Mom For Christmas

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A Mom For Christmas  Jessie is a young girl who’s mother died when she was just three. When she wins a free wish in a department store she wishes for a mom to be with and to shop with over the holidays. Her wish brings Amy, a mannequin, to life and into her life as her Mom for Christmas. A tale of Christmas magic.

A love story & a little girls wish for a mum for the holidays

A Mom For Christmas  This is a wonderful film for all the family. Its about an 11 year old girl called Jessica that spends a lot of time walking around a large department store watching other girls shopping with their Mums, Jessicas Mum died when Jessica was only 3 years old. Jessica gets a free gift from the stores wishing well & she wishes for a Mom for the holidays. Olivia plays a manikin in the store & comes to life at midnight to be Jessicas Mum till midnight Christmas Eve. My 4 children and I watch it every year and we love it. I first saw it in 1995 and I recorded it off the television. I would love to own this film on Video or DVD. Olivia plays an excellent leading role in this film. The film is packed with Christmas magic as well as being a love story. I have another Christmas film with Olivia playing the starring role, A Holiday Romance, which is another Christmas love story which we all enjoy.

A modern fairy tale about magic and love

This is a delightful Christmas fantasy that deals lightly with magic and the power of love. Jessica, played with astonishing maturity by 10-year-old Juliet Sorcey, receives a free wish from a wishing well. When Philomena (Doris Roberts) asks what she wants, she says “I want that,” pointing to a grouping of mannequins arranged to suggest a mother, daughter, and dog. The mother looks amazingly like Olivia Newton John. When Philomena asks Jessica what she means, she explains that she wants to have a mother to be with her during the Christmas season. And Philomena grants her wish: “One mother for two weeks, starting at midnight tonight and ending at midnight Christmas eve.” At midnight, the mannequin she pointed to, now alive and looking exactly like Olivia Newton John, rings the doorbell and is taken in. As she becomes part of the family, we are all aware that the two-week countdown clock is ticking.

The theme of a statue coming to life occurs throughout classic literature. The original Pygmalian, as described by Ovid, was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had made, brought her to life with a kiss, and married her. So, enjoy this film for what it is — easy to watch entertainment that is fun for all. Good script and fine acting by a cast that finds exactly the right pitch to tell a modern fairy tale.

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