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A Father's Choice

A Father's Choice

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A Father’s Choice, The fast-paced city life of two sisters is turned upside down when they are sent to live in the country with their father after their mother is killed.

Comfortable feel-good film with great acting.

A Father’s Choice, Despite being inspired by true events, this story doesn’t follow the typical trend of investigating the murder, catching the killer etc.

Instead, it focuses on the people who remain and where they go from there. In this case, two young LA girls, whose father had abandoned them in favour of a life in the Rodeo road shows. The girls must leave behind their comfortable life of plenty and get used to life with their father, on a small-town ranch without so much as a telephone.

Thrust in the deep end as a sudden single parent, this real-life cowboy is forced to reconnect with them. The “Father’s Choice” comes when his old life again calls him to glory as a champion and he must choose between being a cowboy and being a father.

Although the tale progresses as you might expect, it is nonetheless very touching and the cast do an outstanding job of bringing true feeling into their portrayals.

Impressive anyway, given the casting of both Peter Strauss and Mary McDonnell, but the real stars are the young girls – Michelle Trachtenberg and Yvonne Zima.

Good Movie

I was lucky enough to be attending Bow Valley College (Airdrie Campus) at the time they were there to film the court scenes of the movie (BVC Airdrie campus is attached to the Airdrie Courthouse). Even better, I was given permission to job shadow the set designer and mingle with all the cast! Peter Strauss is very nice (and a bit of a prankster who kept pulling faces at the camera and making the director roll his eyes). I liked the movie, unfortunately I never got a chance to videotape it when it came on television since I did not have a vcr at the time, but I did get to keep an autographed copy of the movie script (somewhere in my packed boxes in storage).

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