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A Cry For Help

A Cry For Help

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A Cry For Help : Storyline


A Cry For Help Tracy Thurman was married to a man who abused her. But he continues to harass her after she gets a restraining order, and the police do little to help. When he brutally beats her and slashes her throat in front of police, she sues the city and the police department for failing to protect her.

Chilling real life tale

A Cry For Help  The Tracey Thurman Story  We’ve all seen domestic violence in tv movies before, but it’s taken to a higher level here. After the usual beatings, for givings and promises to change, McKeon takes back Midkiff on several occasions. And it’s not like she doesn’t try to get away from him. She even moves from Florida to Connecticut, only to have him drive there and get a job close by just so he can menace her. The police, at least as they are portrayed, are slacker incompetent’s who cant be bothered it seems, to care about anyone. The more McKeon calls, the more they feel she’s overreacting and being paranoid. But the truth of Midkiff’s capability for psychotic rage comes out in a truly tragic and disturbing scene when he nearly stabs McKeon to death. And its not some sixty second blurb, it’s a drawn out 15 minute barrage of insane dialogue, crying and screaming. Definitely not for the soft hearted. But the most alarming thing that you’ll see is the police lack of action as the attack takes place. You’ll despise the lazy dumbbell cop who seems to have his mind elsewhere. The cast is excellent, with McKeon very sympathetic as Tracey, Weitz is great as her lawyer and the toughest one to praise, that being Midkiff. He’s so powerful in the one scene that you don’t want to give him accolades because he’s so convincing as an attempted murderer. But after its all over you can reflect back and realize how strong he was. Only flaw for me was the 1950’s, private eye, banging on the piano music score. Something a little more subdued was needed, but aside from that, this is a very rattling film experience.

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