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Young Fury

Young Fury

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Young Fury  A group of young thugs rides into the town of Dawson and take it over. When the cowardly sheriff is unable to restore control, the parents of the leader must take action. The leader’s father is an infamous ex-gunfighter, and he straps his guns on one more time. But will he be forced into a showdown with his own son?

The Hellions Come to Town

Young Fury  A.C. Lyles took bits from High Noon, The Gunfighter, and The Wild Ones and mixed them together real well to come up with one of his better B westerns that employed some of Hollywood’s beyond their prime players. Rory Calhoun and Virginia Mayo star as a gunfighter and his wife in Young Fury.

But the title comes from the group of young punks who come into Calhoun’s town and take it over just like Marlon Brando and his gang did a century later. And they’re led by Preston Pierce who is his Calhoun’s son.

Rory left them when Pierce was just a toddler and Mayo gave him up to be raised by her brother who died and the kid was left to fend for himself. He doesn’t know Mayo who runs the saloon is his mother and she prefer he not find out.

These punks are the least of Rory’s worries. He’s got the surviving members of his old gang led by John Agar out to get him for turning them in. And a town that rolled over for Pierce’s hellion ain’t likely to provide much in the way of assistance.

The usual complement of aged players populate this A.C. Lyles western that we normally expect. This was the farewell performance of William Bendix and Young Fury was released posthumously in his case. You can see he was in great distress due to his illness. I also think that some scenes were rewritten to cover Bendix up, personally I think Richard Arlen was given some of his lines.

Young Fury climaxes with a nice gun battle that was right out of High Noon. Exciting enough to please any western fan.

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