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Wyoming Renegades

Wyoming Renegades

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Wyoming Renegades  Brady Sutton returns from three years in prison and tries to go straight. One a member of the Butch Cassidy gang, he is still suspected of being cahoots with them. When Cassidy and his men rob the bank, he is blamed. Escaping from the townspeople, he once again joins up with Cassidy to wait for a chance to help bring him in. A WHOLE TOWN WRECKED AND RAVAGED AS RENEGADES RUN RIOT!

User Reviews

Butch&Sundance another version of the tale

Wyoming Renegades  If you’re thinking you’ll be getting those lovable rogues from Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid in Wyoming Renegades you’d be dead wrong. This Hole In The Wall gang features a mean, but very crafty Butch Cassidy in Gene Evans and a charming, but deadly Sundance Kid in William Bishop.

I will say that Evans and Bishop don’t end up in Bolivia but they do come to justice in Wyoming Renegades. And it’s all because they won’t let gang member Philip Carey just go his own way.

Carey returns to his home town and just wants to open the family blacksmith business again after his stretch in prison. But except for the girl he left behind Martha Hyer and a stranger in town Douglas Kennedy no one wants him. When Evans and Bishop try to pull a holdup of the bank then they really don’t want him.

Without name stars this western has a nice ring of authenticity even though the plot is totally made up. I liked how Gene Evans played Cassidy, he’s one crafty villain and nobody’s fool.

As for how he’s gotten, all I’ll say is there was one person that Evans never figured on for outsmarting him.

It ain’t easy going straight when you got a reputation.

Brady Sutton {Phil Carey}, once a member of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch gang, returns home to Broken Bow after serving three years in jail. Wanting a fresh start, he finds the town are unwilling to believe he has gone straight; only his girlfriend, Nancy Warren, and a stranger, Charlie Veer, are prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. Things turn bad when Cassidy and mob turn up to rob the town bank and Brady is believed to have been part of a set up. Forced to go on the run with Charlie, can Brady clear his name? Or is he destined to forever be an outlaw as part of Cassidy’s crew?

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