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Winterhawk  Set in the autumn and winter seasons of 1845 Montana, the Blackfoot tribe of Chief Winterhawk are ill. His friend and blood-brother, trapper Guthrie, suggests he ask the Settlers in a nearby settlement for help, but they, learning that Wintehawk’s people are infected by smallpox, become afraid and back away quickly. Two fur trappers/smugglers, Gates and Scoby, tell Winterhawk and his Braves to follow them and they will take them to someone that has the cure.The Trappers ambush and murder Winterhawk’s Braves as Winterhawk escapes after sensing something is wrong. In retribution, Winterhawk and more of his Braves abducts a young woman, Clayanna, and her brother Cotton, from the settlement. Clayanna’s uncle Finley, organizes a posse of several trackers by hiring Guthrie, under protest, to follow Winterhawk and his band of warriors, leaving Guthries woman, Pale Flower alone, to get Clayanna and Cotton back at any cost. However, the two murderous trappers who slaughtered Winterhawk’s …


The best

Winterhawk  I just loved the movie….. I’m keen on western movies and this one is just amazing. Indians are so proud and sentimental..wish there are some of them still living like that….the greatest thing of all is the look of the winter hawk…….they could not chose better actor for this movie…but something is not clear to me…if the Indians s good people…how come that winter hawk has left the guy, who killed other Indians, to froze himself to death…. I think it is not logical but anyway the ending has disturbed viewers attention from that point… but that is nothing in compare with the Honor that Indians have in this movie….this is one of the greatest stories about Indians…and one of the ones which are telling how white men are trash….

Winterhawk 1975

I think that Winterhawk is wonderful movie for all ages, I have just one request, I have been searching for the Original Version of this movie for a long time, there have been some recent re-mastered version of Winterhawk, but somehow the original music score was replaced my a haunting and boring piano music, which I don’t like. I’m looking to purchase this movie if I can locate the original version, please help me I would most greatly appreciate it, my family used to own the original one, but we somehow manage to lose it somewhere, and one of the network I thinks it is American Movie Classic, used to air the original version during the winter months, and always watch it when it was aired, I never get tired of watching it over and over again, the same with the other classic movie which is GrayEagle.

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