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Wicked Ways aka A Table For One

Wicked Ways aka A Table For One

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Wicked Ways aka A Table For One  Matt Draper is a man who lives two lives. In one, he’s a prescription salesman living in a rural country house married to an emotionally withdrawn young woman, named Ruth whom he keeps locked up within the house, as more or less a prisoner. But as Dr. Matt Swan, he regularly commutes to nearby Los Angeles where he’s a wealthy pharmacist married to a wealthy socialite named Ariana Harpwood and has two children with her. Neither wife is aware of Matt’s double life or his unwillingness to let either one go. When Ruth becomes more unstable when she suspects Matt is cheating on her, she starts a romance with Tom Bernard a married neighbor who moves into the country house just next door. When Matt realizes that Ruth is socializing with people, (against a stern rule he gives her) he plots to get rid of her, unaware that Ruth is plotting to do just likewise, but she’s unaware of her new friend Tom’s dark secrets.


Wicked Ways aka A Table For One  It was very enjoyable watching this film and trying to figure out just what direction the director was taking the audience. Rebecca DeMornay (Ruth),”Backdraft”,’91, was very attractive and very sexy as a suspecting wife and went to all kinds of expense to trap her husband in any way that she could. Michael Rooker(Matt),”The Replacement Killers”,’98, tried to satisfy two wives and I must say he did a pretty good job of making both of them smile and laugh at times! Mark Rolston(Tom),”Blade Runner”,97, Ruth’s next door neighbor soon got the hots for her and turned out to be quite the lover. If you love Rebecca DeMornay and good acting by Michael Rooker and Mark Rolston, this is a must see film. The actors must have had their LAUGHS acting in this film!

A true dark comedy/suspense
This movie was much better than the mainstream “hand that rocked the cradle.” The story and the good acting is what kept me watching this movie. I liked it because all actors had unique characters. Rebecca’s character as the lonely housewife whose husband leads a double life, is one that was portrayed very well. Michael Rooker as the manipulative 2 timing husband who tried to fake his own death. And of course the killer who lived next door. This movie was packed with drama, suspense and what I would refer to as dark comedy. I don’t mind that this came straight to video. It’s not easy for some to watch movies that stay away from the mainstream. I give this movie a perfect score!
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