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White Wolves II : Legend Of The Wild

White Wolves II : Legend Of The Wild

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White Wolves II : Legend Of The Wild  As a plea-bargain to clear their school records, a group of misfit teens ventures into the majestic but unforgiving wilderness to help a young naturalist save the vanishing wolves. After they encountered unexpected incident, they are aided by the mysterious white wolf of myth and legend, who shows up to guide the way throughout the movie.

User Reviews

Troubled kids find their way back to a better place.

White Wolves II : Legend Of The Wild  Forget the jaded comments that come before these. This is an action packed but sensitive movie about people who overcome real problems in a beautiful setting. Well-acted, even by Elizabeth Berkley. Recommended for anyone who wants to feel something and experience change.

A good teen flick with a sensational setting in the mountains of Idaho

White Wolves II : Legend Of The Wild  A group of troubled teenagers, including Crystal (Elizabeth Berkeley) are given a second chance by a naturalist. If the five will accompany him into the Idaho wilderness to garner a count of wolves, their law-breaking deeds will be erased from their records. None of them are very enthused but sure want to get it over with. Gal Beri is especially remote and surly. They hear of the legends of a White Wolf, who, when sited, is a good omen and guide for the future. These teens need it! First, they rescue a darling pair of wolf puppies when their mother is slain by a mountain lion. Later, they must protect these pups from a hungry bear. They also get injuries in a hang gliding accident and a boat turned over in the rapids. In fact, their adult leader must take one of the wounded males to a hospital far away and leaves the teens orders for their own safety. But, more bad events arise. Can these teenagers prove themselves by working together for survival? This is another in a line of troubled teen flicks being thrust into a physical challenge and reaping the benefits. Its a great idea and most likely works. The actors here do not have name recognition, except Berkeley, but they do quite well and are attractive, personal folks. Its the sensational setting that is the big winner here, beautiful Idaho mountains and darling wolves, especially the puppies. Likewise, there is no objectionable material amid the character building adventure. If you happen upon the film anywhere, don’t turn down a view!

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