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White Wolves A Cry In The Wild II

White Wolves A Cry In The Wild II

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White Wolves A Cry In The Wild II  In a futuristic world, the USA decides to send a married couple of astronauts to its moon base in order to prevent any improper contact with the Soviet female  A two-week trek through the Cascade Mountains tries the survival instincts of five adventurous teenagers. At first, it’s all a good time. Shooting the rapids, exploring caves and making new friends. But when an accident occurs, Mother Nature raises the stakes and challenges the hikers to the greatest test of their young lives.

User Reviews

I loved This Movie! ~!

White Wolves A Cry In The Wild II  I used to watch this movie when disney aired it and i love it. Now it’s 2004 and i just found it out of a billion movie stores And i haven’t seen it in a while and i still love it and intend to buy it. It’s got humor, adventure and drama all the things i love in a movie. Great cast, good story-line, Though you never see ones like this anymore. Fun to watch and enjoy. Language may not appeal to some parents but all-all it’s a great flick. Acting was wonderful and the area where the movie was shot was beautiful. In the VHS version i think a part was cut out but i’m not sure. There’s also alot of familiar faces in the movie. Recommended for a movie night or in my case a rainy day! ~!

A great movie

I thought that this was a great movie for a younger generation. The plot was good, although it is a typical one, and it was well acted. The landscape was absolutely breath taking, as it showed the true beauty of nature. That alone makes this a movie to see. But over all, this was a great movie that the whole familly can enjoy.

“There they are!”

White Wolves A Cry In The Wild II  When I was about 11 my mom bought this movie on VHS from a Christian/Family based movie salesperson that came to our door. This is one of the worst acted movies I have ever seen. However… that makes it entirely worth watching. It is hysterical. I’m particularly fond of the performances from the actors playing Cara and Jake’s Girlfriend. They are AWFUL. I have seen this movie no less than 50 times and it just keeps getting funnier every time. I know that this wasn’t the intent, yet now as a 26 year old I still have a special place in my heart for this flick. Watch it once just to see the creepy actress playing Jake’s girlfriend delivering the line, “There they are,” from a rescue helicopter. Easily the worst acting in cinematic history. I need to invest in a DVD copy since my tape is worn out. Happy Laughing!

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