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Vital Signs

Vital Signs

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Vital Signs  This movie follows the lives of medical students who are in their third year, which is the time that they have to decide what they intend to specialize in. At the center is Michael Chatham son of a respected surgeon, who’s trying to be his own man. He has to deal with another third student, Kenny Rose who like Michael wants to be surgeon and the surgical internship at their school. Kenny is also having problems with his marriage because the long hours he puts in his studies. Michael is also butting heads with another doctor, Ballentine over personal and professional issues.

Overall, an accurate depiction of medical school competition

Vital Signs  Although some scenes are over-dramatized, the film, as a whole, accurately depicts the cut-throat competition in medical school, as opposed to another critic’s opinion that it was less accurate than the movie, Gross Anatomy, which in my opinion, was the furthest away from reality.

Some scenes in Vital Signs imply that medical school students in their third year (the first year out of the classroom) have more authority and autonomy than what is true in reality. But the film shows the human side of medicine and that medicine isn’t an exact science. Physicians can practice and study for years and still not completely understand the human body.

The relationships in the movie are very realistic, especially with Kenny Rose and his wife. Medical school (and medicine in general) takes up a great deal of personal time, which can be damaging to a relationship. The “hanky-panky” between Michael and Gena happens all the time. The relationship between Michael and his father is realistic as well. Sometimes the profession consumes the physician and without knowing it, harms the family life.

Again, I found this film to be a realistic portrayal of medical school. In fact, I have this film on tape and watch it from time to time to motivate me in my medical career. I would recommend this movie to anyone in the medical field, especially students thinking about medical school.

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