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Vampirella, a sexy vampiress in a skimpy costume, travels from Drakulon to Earth to seek revenge on the evil vampires who murdered her father. Adam Van Helsing, leader of a high-tech, globe-trotting, anti-vampire squad helps out. Thirsty for justice, she’ll settle for blood.

Not As Bad As You Might Imagine!

Vampirella  Vampires from outer space that are honourable citizens and no longer kill to feed themselves! Vlad (Roger Daltrey) – a renegade vampire, kills Vampirella’s father and flees to Earth and joins nasty vamps as we better know them. Vampirella pursues him in seek of revenge. Sounds trashy? Yes it does! However, while this film will never rank amongst one of the great classics, it does provide 80 minutes worth of mindless viewing that is not entirely unsatisfying. Talisa Soto (Vampirella), apart from being a stunning beauty, carries this film quite well often with a semblance of some good acting skills. Roger Daltrey is Roger Daltrey. Some of the support acting is scarily awful at times but, as B Movies go, this is not the worst I have seen by far.

Surprisingly good


Vampirella  The movie begins on Drakulon. It’s a planet of vampires who drink from rivers of blood (never shown–this is a cheap movie). Evil Vlad (Roger Daltrey!) kills all the leaders of the planet and escapes to Earth. One of those killed is the father of Ella (Talisa Soto) who follows Vlad for revenge. She becomes Vampirella on Earth and, with the help of Adam van Helsing (bland Richard Joseph Paul), tracks down Vlad and his followers.

For a Roger Corman production this is pretty good. It’s an adaptation of an adult comic book from the 70s and 80s. The movie pretty much follows the comic but Vampirella’s costume has been modified–the original was too skimpy for an R rated film!

The film isn’t perfect–the dialogue is lousy, the story is needlessly convuluted and there’s two truly horrible performances by Soto and Paul–but who watches this for the acting and plot? Daltrey REALLY chews the scenery as Vlad and hunky Brian Bloom gives a very good performance as Demous.

Lots of action, violence and fun–never a dull moment. A true camp classic.

And John Landis and Angus Scrimm have cameos!

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