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Unlikely Angel

Unlikely Angel

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Unlikely Angel  Dolly Parton portrayed a country music performer who meets an untimely demise, but cannot enter heaven until she performs a good deed back on Earth, to get a workaholic widower and his children back together again for Christmas.

User Reviews

dolly is the greatest

Unlikely Angel  I had never seen dolly in a movie,until seeing 9 to 5 and that was very good,but this movie,I’m not a great lover of this type of film and was apprehensive about,but after a couple of minutes and hearing dolly’s fantastic voice I was completely sold. The film is the usual type,but dolly make it come to life. I go to nearly everyone of dolly’s shows when she come to england.I would recommend this to any dolly fan,it’s the best. The songs and the acting ability show by dolly is very good,she is a born actress of the highest quality. Long may she adorn the silvery screen and keep her fans happy we could be better it we had Dolly over in England

cute and funny

Unlikely Angel  I liked the movie. Predictable but entertaining. I’ll have to admit, I’m a Dolly fan! She always plays good parts. Even in Nine to Five, she meant well in everything she did. The actors did an OK job of portraying their characters. CLEAN except for a few shots of Dolly. Language is fairly clean except for the word dam-it. Unfortunately it is all too true that the real world today focuses on the job, career, kids are left to fend for themselves, parents don’t know how to be parents, etc. I would watch it again. Sometimes I think my grown up kids could learn some things, even from a simple movie like this one.

Its a Christmas Movie. No more. No less.


More for Dolly’s fans than for those who crave Roddy McDowell.

Light hearted with a ton of clichés, but what part of Christmas Movie don’t you understand. Ingredients include, 1 Single (widowed) Dad. 2 kids with attitude 1 Large chested country singer and a dash of Roddy McDowell as St Peter. Its predictable and almost too cute at times, and as another review suggests, Dolly’s wardrobe is not exactly classic Edith Head, but it does keep her in character.

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