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Turbulence Ryan Weaver romances beautiful women before he kills them. Ryan is arrested, convicted, and is part of a Christmas Eve transfer of prisoners on a transcontinental 747 commercial flight. Other airlines at JFK may have holiday passengers waiting on stand-by, but this jumbo jet takes off with a lot of empty seats. Ryan and another prisoner overpower and kill their guards. The few civilian passengers are herded into a “pantry” on the plane and are not seen again until the end of the movie. Ryan eliminates the other prisoners and all the crew members except Teri Halloran. The remainder of the movie follows a “cat-and-mouse” game between Ryan and Teri on the 747.

User Reviews

I enjoyed it

Turbulence I happen to love movies that take place on airplanes, maybe because they’re usually, or always about the same thing: A terrorist (or more) hijacks the plane and threatens to kill the passengers, sometimes along with the pilot. Plus, there’s a storm too, making matters worse. That’s basically all you can do in an airplane movie. The only exception is “Snakes on a Plane”. Anyway, I had a good time the whole way through, even though I think the film could have used more characters (and complications), and a flight attendant who is a lot more smarter. This flight attendant, played by Holly, isn’t very bright, even for a victim. Maybe she should have been the one choked to death. The other stewardess, played by Hicks, is more interesting. Besides, aren’t the victims killed off in horror movies usually the not-so-smart ones? I suppose I could give the movie credit for trying something a little different.

Sure the movie is Cheezy

But who cares? Ray Liotta is hands down unforgettable. Every time he gets hurt it’s very funny to watch. I had to rewind the part where Teri blows the fire extinguisher in his face. The way he reacts is priceless! That and when Teri shoves him down stairs and closes an automatic door on his foot. He starts crying like a baby. Hilarious! And his lines, “You aren’t having much luck with men lately, are you Teri?” or “I’m never flying this airline again.” are by far worse than anything imaginable but thats what makes it all the more entertaining. Other than that the movie is pretty lame. I would recommend renting Turbulence for Liotta’s performance only, and yes that makes it worth renting.
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