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To Sir With Love 2

To Sir With Love 2

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To Sir With Love 2  After thirty years teaching in London, Mark Thackeray retires and returns to Chicago. There, however, the challenge of reaching kids in an inner city school proves to be too much to resist.

Excellent sequel!!!!

To Sir With Love 2  I saw To Sir, With Love 1 when I was young, and it stayed with me. I always wanted a teacher like Mark Thackery, but I was never lucky enough to encounter one. I had no ideal that they had made the second one until one day, I was lucky enough to catch it on Starz! Three people at my house sat mesmerized by Sidney Poitier as Mark Thackery’s second chance after being retired from English schools to help kids that needed help and had been discarded from life. I found it to be very believable, and so did my friends. We would all recommend this movie. If you get a chance to see it, watch it. It’s definitely worth your time.

Just as good as the first.

I saw and loved the original movie To Sir With Love. Sidney Poiter is one of my favorite actors. I really enjoy classics. After watching the original movie for the umpteenth time I was beginning to wonder what ever happened to S.Poiter. Wondering if they ever made a second or would ever make one… then just days after think that, I saw an advertisment for To Sir With Love 2. You can imagine how overjoyed I was. I could hardly wait to see this movie to see if it could be as good as the first. I was very much pleased with it. If you enjoyed the first you will enjoy the 2nd. I am also happy to say that I have passed on, to my very young daughter, my love for the classic movie. As a matter of fact she is at this very moment watching the original To Sir With Love and not for the first time I might add. Sidney Poiter is a very handsome man and a very good actor and everything and I mean everything he has done has been wonderful. And I might add that he looked as young in the 2nd movie as he did in the first. I would love to know where he found the fountain of youth…. but I am sure that is a secret only God knows.

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