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To Paris With Love

To Paris With Love

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To Paris With Love To learn a thing or two about the eternal game of love, the grizzled Scottish gentleman, Colonel Sir Edgar Fraser, decides to take his immature son, John, on a trip to marvellous Paris, to show him the ropes. There, a very welcome surprise awaits, as the Frasers meet their ideal romantic partners: the young and fresh Parisian belle, Lisette Marconnet, and the charming ageing widow, Sylvia Gilbert. However, as light-hearted infatuation gives way to deeper feelings, both father and son devise secret plans to marry the other off. Will things work as planned?

Pleasant Paris in 1955

To Paris With Love  While this gentle romantic film To Paris With Love (1955) is admittedly no masterpiece it does provide you with a nice cast, irreplaceable views of post-War Paris in 1955, including the grand old cars, stylish fashions men and women wore back then, the kind of music they listened to, how clean everything looked and how polite people were with one another in that era. All in Technicolor (it says Technicolor on the print itself right on the title frame, not Eastman Color as someone else stated, which is different and tends to diffuse more with time).

Alec Guinness is sweet in the film as he visits Paris with his 20 year old son (Vernon) in the hopes of finding a nice French girl for him. Little does he know that his son also hopes to find a nice older French woman for him. What occurs instead is that the son falls for an older woman and the father falls for a younger woman! I thought that both situations were understandable — both women were attractive — but still one senses early on they will merely end up being temporary flirtations and not the real thing.

If you are a romantic person you will probably enjoy the film. If you’re not you’re probably better off watching something else more realistic. I liked it. To each their own.

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