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They Call Me Bruce

They Call Me Bruce

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They Call Me Bruce, A Korean man’s resemblance to the legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee proves to be a mixed blessing when he stumbles onto the activities of the Mob. He’s breaking up the mob…with laughs!

An absolute classic… One of the best ever…

They Call Me Bruce, Reading some of the reviews here reminds of some critic reviews of various children’s movies, wherein they complain about childish plots, low humor or movies that didn’t hold their attention, forgetting that they are, in fact, reviewing a children’s movie.

This movie falls into similar areas, although it’s clearly not a children’s movie. It is meant to be a spoof, a parody, and it pokes fun at all kinds of people, be they Asian, Caucasian, African-American, Italian, or what have you. It’s not meant to be an Oscar candidate. It’s meant to be plain silly, slapstick fun. And in that regard, it’s perfect.

No, Yune looks nothing like Bruce Lee. No, he’s not even Chinese. But therein lies the humor. It’s as much a send-up of Western stereotypes of Asians as anything (ever watch the “Average Asian” skits on MadTV with another Korean, Bobby Lee?).

Overall, I have loved this movie every time I’ve seen it (although the sequel isn’t quite the classic), and I would rate it as a fall – out – of – my – seat – and – wet – myself type of comedy. You just have to let your mind go and enjoy it for what it is. Pure, silly, goofball slapstick… 🙂

One of the funniest movies ever!!

Yes it’s cheaply made, yes it’s stupid, and yes it’s cheesy, But, this is one of the funniest movies that I’ve ever seen. Johnny Yune is great in this one (I wish he would have made more movies). His one liners are so cheesy that you can’t help but laugh, and his facial expressions when he is swinging those nunchucks makes me hit the rewind button every time…… Anyone who does not find this movie funny does not have a sense of humor!!!
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