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The Year My Voice Broke

The Year My Voice Broke

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The Year My Voice Broke, In 1962, a prepubescent boy in rural Australia watches painfully as his best friend and first love, an older girl, blossoms into womanhood and falls for a thuggish rugby player, setting off a chain of events that irreversibly changes the lives of everyone involved.

Well worth it

The Year My Voice Broke, Australia seems to have an incredible knack for turning out beautiful films about real life situations fraught with meaning and mystery. This one is no exception. Like the Peter Weir classic _Picnic at Hanging Rock_, the landscape seems to come alive on the screen, and the sense of Australia’s isolation does as well.

What I especially liked is that many of us (myself included) can empathize with Danny, but he’s not perfect. The film really gets across the pain of falling for someone that you can never have. Trevor also embodies the kinds of guys that inexplicably attract strong-willed women like Freya. Despite the fact that one might not like his character, he’s shown to have genuine feelings for Freya, and to be somewhat understanding of Danny. The major strength of the film is that the characters are fully fleshed out, with their own virtues and vices.

Instead of watching the cruddy teen movies that Hollywood churns out nowadays, give this one a try.

This is a great film!
The Year My Voice Broke is the finest film to come from Australia.

The acting is wonderful, the scenery is glorious, the cinematography superb, and everything clicks to make for a very moving story. This is one of my all-time favorities of all movies every made. The young actors are very natural in their approach to acting and one feels they are very real people who are going through this strange change in life through which all must pass. Kudos to the director and the producers.

All Men Are Liars

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