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The Wild North

The Wild North

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The Wild North  Jules Vincent, a happy-go-lucky, outgoing French Canadian trapper in the wild Northwest, befriends a beautiful Native American girl, and although he makes an enemy of bully Max Brody, he agrees to travel with him. When Brody tries to kill them, Vincent kills him in self-defense. He is pursued by a by-the-book, idealistic Constable Pedley, who believes in the Mounties’ credo “we always get our man.” The country is rugged and fraught with dangers like white water rapids, avalanches, wolf packs and desperadoes. After capturing Vincent, the inexperienced Mountie finds he is in no shape to get back to civilization without Vincent’s help. Pedley is torn between fulfilling his duty and freeing the man who has saved his life.

User Reviews

Pursuit in Rugged Country

The Wild North  Stewart Granger is a woods wise French Canadian trapper who’s killed a man and Wendell Corey is the rookie Mountie sent to bring him back for trial.

Problem is that this is Granger’s ballpark they’re playing in and it’s one long journey back to some semblance of civilization. But strange as it may seem, Corey proves his mettle and a strange respect grows between both men.

Granger and Corey have good chemistry between them, they’d have to or the film would be unwatchable. MGM put in some good action sequences involving wolves attacking their camp and a breathtaking whitewater canoeing challenge.

The Wild North also features good location photography in some rugged regions of Idaho serving as the Canadian northwest. Oh, and there’s Cyd Charisse who dances not a step as a beautiful Indian woman with a thing for Granger. Reason enough right there to watch the Wild North.

An unforgettable Canadian setting

I first saw The Wild North when I was just fresh back from Korea in 1953. I was so impressed by the story and the scenery that I returned to the little movie theater down the block to see it three more times before it was replaced on the bill. The action is terrific and the scene where the wolves attack Wendell Corey and Stewart Granger makes your heart pound. The setting is breath taking and the ending is perfect. The Movie makers paid great attention to detail, right down to the Tea Cartons and the Tobacco packages. I loved it. If they ever release it again, I’ll see it for the fifth time.

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