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The Tall Texan

The Tall Texan

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The Tall Texan A quintet of travelers journey in a wagon through Comanche county includes a tinhorn and his woman, a sheriff escorting an accused murderer, and a sea captain with a checkered past. After a renegade Indian tells them about a virgin gold field as thanks for saving his life, the group becomes fixated on the gold as greed becomes their prime motivation.

User Reviews

Classic, low budget western action

The Tall Texan Fresh off his success as award winning editor on “High Noon”, Elmo Williams takes the Directors chair here for the first time. Often compared to Ford’s “Stagecoach” this character study of lust and greed is more reminiscent of “Treasure of Sierra Madre.” Bridges is superb as the tight lipped convict, Trask(the Tall Texan), however the real acting kudos go to Adler and Cobb as sniveling peddler and sadistic sea captain, respectively. The picture slowly builds to an action packed climax and a deliberately inconclusive ending. This is perhaps the finest picture from Lippert Inc.

Considering it’s age, a remarkable western movie.

Considering that this movie is almost 50 years old, it holds up quite well. Bridges, Adler and Cobb give striking performances in a tale set amongst a group of barren rocks in the Southwest. The plot moves slowly, building to an exciting climax. One of the best western movies of the 50s with a great musical score.

A comment on the setting, music, romance and suspense of The Tall Texan

The Tall Texan succeeds because of a fortuitous combination of elements-setting, background music, romance, suspense, and characterization. Although termed low budget, the photography amidst impressive rock formations successfully creates the illusion of taking place on the edge of sacred Indian burial grounds somewhere northwest of El Paso in New Mexico’s City of Rocks. The background music has the flavor of Aaron Copland as motifs for the Sea Captain (Lee J. Cobb) ,the crooked peddler Tinnen (Luther Adler) and Ben Trask,the Tall Texan (Lloyd Bridges) recur throughout the drama.The Tympani throbs create tension near the close as Ben Trask fights for his life. An intriguing romance develops between a free spirited woman (Laura Thompson-Marie Windsor) and a prisoner accused of a crime he didn’t commit (Ben Trask- Lloyd Bridges). A rapid metamorphosis of contempt to admiration to affection develops as Laura discerns Ben’s honest unassuming character. Ben Trask’s rival, a hot tempered former sea captain wins the hearts of the audience by developing latent altruistic characteristics. Robert Lippert and Elmo Williams have masterfully and tastefully combined these elements into a well-made drama.

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