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The Sacketts

The Sacketts

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The Sacketts, Two part television adaptation of Louis L’Amour’s third novel in the Sackett series. The story follows the three Sackett brothers out west from their Tennessee home. Along the way, the oldest, Tell, prospects for gold, while the two younger Orin and Tye herd cattle and help bring order to a racially divided Santa Fe.

A Very Good Western Mini-Series

The Sacketts, After a deadly encounter that has left two members of a rival clan dead, two brothers by the names of “Orrin Sackett” (Tom Selleck) and “Tyrel Sackett” (Jeff Osterhage) are forced to leave their home in Tennessee and head out west. As luck would have it they join a cattle drive headed by a ramrod named “Tom Sunday” (Glenn Ford) and another veteran cowboy by the name of “Cap Rountree” (Ben Johnson). Within no time the four of them become good friends and when the cattle drive is over they all go into business together and along the way stop off in a small town in Colorado. Meanwhile, their oldest brother “Tell Sackett” (Sam Elliott) has had the unfortunate experience to become involved in a gunfight against a card shark named “Wes Bigelow” (James Gammon) which ends up with Wes dead and Tell having to quit his job as a miner to avoid any further trouble from Wes’ brothers who are rumored to be nearby. It’s then that Tell arrives in the same town in Colorado where he meets up with his two brothers and their two new colleagues. What none of them realize is that the Bigelow brothers are close behind and have recruited several gunmen to help them in their quest for revenge. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a very good Western which managed to capture the flavor of the Old West quite well. That said, however, because it is a mini-series the overall running time was quite long and in addition to that there were certain scenes which tended to run on a bit. But even so I found it to be very entertaining and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Excellent

Cattle Empire

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