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The Night Of The Generals

The Night Of The Generals

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The Night Of The Generals  In 1942 Warsaw, a Polish prostitute is murdered in a sadistic way. Major Grau (Omar Sharif), an Agent from German Intelligence who believes in justice, is in charge of the investigation. An eyewitness saw a German General leaving the building after a scream of the victim. A further investigation shows that three Generals do not have any alibi for that night: General Tanz (Peter O’Toole), Major General Klaus Kahlenberge (Donald Pleasence), and General von Seidlitz-Gabler (Charles Gray). The three avoid direct contact with Major Grau and become potential suspects. As Major Grau gets close to them, he is promoted and sent to Paris. In 1944 Paris, this quartet is reunited, and Major Grau continues his investigation. Meanwhile, a plan for killing Adolf Hitler is plotted by his high command, a romance between Ulrike von Seidlitz-Gabler (Joanna Pettet) and Lance Corporal Kurt Hartmann (Sir Tom Courtenay) is happening and Inspector Morand (Philippe Noiret) is helping Major Grau in his …

” But Murder is the Occupation of Generals “

The Night Of The Generals  One night when you have time on your hand for an interesting ‘Who-done-it’ set during a war, this is your film. It is a story with-in a story. The plot begins in war torn Europe, Poland, to be exact. The Warsaw night is laden with black smoke from the on-going destruction by the German Army. Somewhere, in the ‘red-light’ district, a high shrill and fatal scream rips the air as a woman is being savagely butchered. A Polish eye witness to the murder puts in an anonymous call to the police who in turn summon the German occupational police. The authorities send a dedicated, tenacious and zealous Intelligence Officer, Major Grau (Omar Sharif) to investigate. What he discovers is, whoever murdered the woman was not only a sex crazed lunatic, but a maniacal sword swinging maniac too. That’s when it gets additionally dramatic, the eye-witness said the murderer wore a German Officer’s uniform, . . with a red stripe. Only German generals wear the red stripe. Peter O’Toole plays General Tanz, a highly decorated and meticulous officer of the Waffen SS tank Corps and a favorite of Adolf Hitler. Donald Pleasence is Maj. Gen. Kahlenberg, a distinguished general who disappears from time to time and is an aid to the last general, General Von Seidlitz-Gabler (Charles Grey) who likes women and is a ‘bit of a voyeur.’ The only thing which ties them together is Lance Cpl. Kurt Hartmann (Tom Courtenay) a German witness. Philippe Noiret is great as Inspector Morand who’s friendship with Major Grau extends beyond the war. They believe, any day is a good day to catch a murderer. Even a day when the whole world is falling down around them. An excellent film with which to slay a somber afternoon.

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