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The Last Brickmaker In America

The Last Brickmaker In America

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A man must cope with the loss of his wife and the obsolescence of his job before finding redemption by becoming a role model to an equally lost thirteen-year-old.

Sometimes You really Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

Maybe its corny,maybe its too family values but maybe because the world is going to hell in a hand basket it might just be time to reflect and rediscover values that made this country great at one time and perhaps once again hopefully and that is the value of this film.The story is simples,even dull but if you don’t see part of what YOUR life was,or wished it could be or even tries to be today,than,with respect,your lying to yourself. Perhaps your moving to fast and have lost sight of”the forest for the trees”THAT my friends is the simple yet so often missed or just forgotten message of a truly rare family film as relevant today as in the year it was released 2001,and running only 85 minutes.The cast is headed by legendary Sidney Poitier as a 76 year old brickmaker whose wife of 60 years has recently died,and a few other fine character actors along with a relative unknown Cody Newton,as a 13 year old troubled teen, weave a story that won’t work for everyone but just might let you see that damned forest that those trees keep getting in the way of if your willing to give it a chance and open those big baby blues of yours.

I loved this movie it has good christian morals and it doesn’t have to be accurate because it not quoting the bible it’s just a really good movie

I truly enjoyed this movie as it reminded me of my hometown. After reviewing this movie I knew I had to obtain a copy for my students.This movie was filmed in my hometown of Gastonia, NC. My grandmother went to the old Central High (Washington High) in the movie and my 7 grade history teacher and her husband own the yellow house that the brick maker lived in. I want very much to purchase a DVD of this movie to show to my students. I teach in an alternative school in Georgia and this movie will help me to explain how to improve your self-esteem, get along with your parents and become an active citizen. Please email me if you know where I can get a copy. Thank you ever so much!

Cry The Beloved Country

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