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The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada

The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada

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The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada, A princess in the Amazon rain forest tries to fight a conglomerate threatening the forests by going to Los Angeles. There she links up with a rich kid who tells her that she must get on TV to succeed with her mission. The two come up with the idea of winning a lambada dance contest that is getting TV attention.

I remember it being Awesome!

The Forbidden Dance Is Lambada, Okay, granted that I saw this movie several years ago and I was much younger, but I remember it as being totally hilarious. No, it wasn’t a film with much depth, the concept was really stupid, and it surely wasn’t going to win any Oscars. But it was super funny, because it was just that ridiculous. Still to this day I can hum the theme song to the movie,(sad, I know)but it’s an awesome memory.I recommend this movie to anyone that wants to laugh their but off for no reason. The Forbidden Dance is a movie that I hope to own, so I can look at it countless times and remember the sheer genius that went into making this great film:)

I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse

There may be spoilers. Nisa and her tribe in the Brazillian rainforest is being forced off their lands by an American petrol company. So, she heads to America to fight the company. She meets a rich guy, Jason, and they enter a dance contest to bring attention to her plight. This predictable movie has great dancing. Jason makes the movie. The rainforest parts seem a bit fake. Much of the movie seems to have a “Dirty Dancing” like theme or imitation to it. Overall, if you want to see great dancing and aren’t too picky about the acting, it’s worth seeing or buying for under five bucks.


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