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The Dirty Dozen The Fatal Mission

The Dirty Dozen The Fatal Mission

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The Dirty Dozen The Fatal Mission, A team of renegade soldiers in World War II tries to stop the creation of the Fourth Reich in the Middle East.

Fatal and Deadly make a great double feature

The Dirty Dozen The Fatal Mission, I highly recommend picking up the two Dirty Dozen double feature DVD sets. The first one includes the classic 1967 film The Dirty Dozen with it’s 1985 made for television sequel Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission. There’s also a documentary on the making of the original Dirty Dozen and a historical documentary on the real life Filthy Thirteen. The other double feature DVD contains the 1987 made for television sequel Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission and it’s 1988 made for television sequel Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission. Fatal and Deadly make an affordable DVD package that is infinitely re-watchable and highly entertaining – if you don’t take ’em too seriously. There’s plenty of humor and action in this double feature. It’s a great way to spend a few hours kicking back with a quality beverage. Give the Deadly Mission / Fatal Mission double feature DVD a spin.

“When it’s impossible…send in the dozen”

During the Second World war, allied intelligence discovers that 12 top Nazis are to be sent to the Balkans to form a fourth Reich. Major Wright(Telly Savalas)is ordered to assemble a 12 man killing machine known as the “dozen” to attack the train on which the Nazis are travelling and wipe them out…

Fatal Mission is the final of the 3 made-for-TV movies which were all spinoffs of Robert Aldrich’s 1967 actioner. Immensely entertaining with a skinny plot, Fatal Mission is one of the fast food war movies. You can enjoy this film at any time without taxing your brain cells and it’s only an hour and a half. The script is about as cheesy as it gets which will make the movie seem to some like a corny rehash of the 1967 original. In a way this is true, but I wasn’t bothered by it at all. Some of the dialogue from the original has been copied and pasted straight into this movie, Lee Marvin’s “foul up” speech is repeated word for word by Telly Savalas. The action scenes failed to disappoint with thrilling stunts and impressive special effects. The action builds to a spectacularly explosive finale which looks almost too professional for a TV movie. The cast was okay, Telly was the best part of it. The other actors who made up the dozen were forgettable. However, Telly was pushing 70 when he made this movie and is amazingly versatile. He blisters with plenty of that Kojak-esque charisma that had helped make him an international star. His glory days had come to an end and he spent his last years doing TV and movies like this, but his affecting personality and exuberance would never die.

An exciting action flick that delivers an hour and a half of sturdy fun with some unintentional humour. A tired cast headed by Telly Savalas is another bonus.

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