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The Day Mars Invaded Earth

The Day Mars Invaded Earth

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The Day Mars Invaded Earth, The Martians are actually protecting themselves from US!!. – since the Earth probe landed on their planet they are taking measures to ensure their security by replacing our scientists with doppelgangers who report nothing. A very insightful film that was under-rated and ahead of it’s time, with a 1963 vision of a primitive mars rover.

Much More Than I Expected

The Day Mars Invaded Earth, A scientist, the brains behind a Martian probe, returns to his wife and family because things are starting to fall apart in the marriage. They are currently living in a part of a mansion. Once there, strange events occur. He is walking around when he sees his wife, but she doesn’t respond to him. When he sees her later, she says she has been in the house all along. Soon there is an opposite event with her seeing him as a threat. The children are affected too. We are finally let in on things. Doppelgangers of these people have formed from a kind of energy scan. At one point, the handsome young boyfriend of the teenage girl is killed when he crashes his car trying to avoid her on the road. This copy later appears in the girl’s bedroom. What can they do? This has some tight suspense. The down side would be that it gives its principle characters little or no power to counteract what is going on. By the way, if I had seen this as a young child, I would have not slept for a week.

Slow moving but surprisingly watchable

An energy-based Martian life form ‘invades’ Earth in order to stop any further exploration of Mars. Following a reasonably well done (for the budget) scene following the fate the robotic explorer from Earth’s first mission to the red planet, the film settles into a ghost story-like tale of a family being menaced by mysterious doppelgangers as they vacation in an immense, empty mansion. Very little happens and what little exposition that is offered follows a lot of scenes of increasingly frightened looking people wandering from room to room, but the cinematography and music is well done and moody.

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