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The Counterfeit Traitor

The Counterfeit Traitor

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The Counterfeit Traitor  An American oil company executive of Swedish descent, now living in Sweden, is blackmailed into spying for the Allies during World War II. At first resentful, his relationship with a beautiful German Allied agent causes him to realize how vital his work is. When he learns that his anti-Nazi German associates are under suspicion from the Gestapo, he risks his own life to go back inside Nazi Germany to finish his work and try to save his friends. It’s an exciting story with great characters, filmed partly in the locations where the story took place. You Have Never Seen More Magnificent Adventure!

Realistic Spy Flick that is underrated.

The Counterfeit Traitor  I’ve seen this movie a few times and each time its gets better. William Holden plays a true life character who was a Swedish Oil executive who is blackmailed into becoming an agent for the Allies in Nazi Germany. Holden’s performance is true to life in this film. His character is not a glamorous secret agent who takes on the entire Gestapo and makes love to scores of beautiful women with no ill-effects on his person. Holden’s character narrates the story much through the film and one is genuinely engrossed in his exploits and how he will escape out of the country in the film climax. In addition, the producers filmed the story in postwar Germany using authentic locations. Plus the atmosphere of the film captures much of the ordinary day to day life during the latter days of Nazi Germany. Great Film and one of Holden’s better performances

A True Classic in Espionage Films


This film is based in real facts. Though he doesn’t particularly agree with the Nazis Eric Erickson (William Holden) is a successful Swedish oil business man with commercial links with Germany during World War II. His activity allows Erickson to travel constantly between Stockholm and Berlin and he has important friends in Hitler’s circle. British Intelligence sees the opportunity to use him as a spy and they blacklist him to force him to take the job.

Actual locations in Europe, a very skillfully handled script and a first rate cast make this film one of the best in its genre. The point is that “The Counterfait Traitor” lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes and it doesn’t have a single uninteresting sequence. Tension and intrigue are always there and it doesn’t lack drama and action either. It has it all.

The cast is outstanding. Holden’s performance is quite solid and natural. Lilli Palmer is most convincing as Marianne Mollendorf -Holden’s contact in Germany- who revolves the man’s traditional ideas on war and neutrality as well as on his matrimony. Hugh Griffith, not far away from his Oscar winning performance in “Ben Hur” (1959) renders here a superb work as Collins the intelligence Britsh member that traps Holden.

You should see this film if you didn’t whether you like espionage films or not. It has something interesting for everyone. It’s a 10 out of 10 for me; I still can’t find any weaknesses or flaws in it.

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