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The Christmas Hope

The Christmas Hope

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The Christmas Hope, When lives intertwine during Christmas, hope is the only unifying gift. After suffering a personal tragedy, a social worker throws herself into finding homes for children in need.

Another Great Sequel to The Christmas Shoes

The Christmas Hope, What was missing from the previous synopses and reviews, is that this is the third sequel to the Christmas Shoes.

The actor (Ian Ziering) who plays the doctor Nathan Andrews in this movie is different than in The Christmas Blessing (the second sequel). In the Christmas Blessing, doctor Nathan Andrews (Neil Patrick Harris) puts a gift into his pocket that drops out of the pocket of the teenager that is brought into emergency from an accident. This gift is forgotten until this third sequel. It is the gift that the mother gets at the end of this third sequel from the doctor when he remembers he still has the gift and realizes who the mother of the teenager is.

I feel it is great how the three movies are pieced together. I also feel that it is interesting and different how these movies came about after a song! The song came first, then the books, then the movies.

There should be more movies like this, rather than the shoot ’em up, bang up movies that seem to be prevalent these days. This is a movie with great values! I’d like to see more of these qualities in people in general. So, it is great to see these movies showing model behaviour of people dealing with very difficult realistic emotional challenges, where the end is not “they all live happily ever after”, but they do reflect a great way to deal with these challenges.

Very touching family movie

Watched this movie on Christmas morning. The plot is quite simple and straightforward but the connections between the various actors makes it interesting.

A single mom dies on her way to work just a few days before Christmas leaving behind a young girl Emily. Social services (Patricia Addison) comes in and since none of the foster families want to take in another child, she offers to keep the girl for a few days until they can find the next of kin. She has already lost her son a few years back around Christmas and is still grieving which takes her farther away from her husband – an airline pilot.

Over the course of the movie, the couple get attached to the girl and plan to adopt her.

In all, a nice movie – few touching scenes.

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