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That's Carry On

That's Carry On

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That’s Carry on is a ‘best of the carry on’s’ movie with Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor introducing clips from all the Carry On movies (from Carry on Sergeant to Carry on Behind). The two regulars converse at the Rank Film building to host the film, with their own running gags involving Barbara’s “assets” and Kenneth’s desperate need of a toilet!!!

Twenty Years of Laughing.

That’s Carry On is an enjoyable nostalgic peek at twenty years of Carry On comedy. Co-hosted by Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams there is a chance to see them use their old bawdy jokes again between clips, sadly Williams’ style of humour is very politically incorrect and stale – at some point the jokes about Williams personal parts are embarrassing even demeaning.

Try to ignore the co-hosts at work though, and concentrate on the real humour during the great clips, which includes everybody’s favourite stars and scenes. Great fun and bawdiness throughout

Best Ever  Compilation

This remains the best compilation film to date. All the films except England (as this had just been released),Emmannuelle and Columbus (neither made yet) are here. However the best bits are the linking materials by Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor, especially KW’s end speech- even though it is RUDELY interrupted by the credits.

That’s Carry On

This may not have been a proper Carry On film, as it was all archive footage with Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor both presenting and in the archive footage, but this is definitely the film to see if you have never seen a Carry On film, or want to see all of them. It was nice to see some great clips from the films I have personally seen, such as Carry On: Again Doctor, Camping, Cleo, Constable, Don’t Lose Your Head, Screaming and Sergeant (the one that started it all). But it was the clips from the ones I hadn’t seen before this film that I found really fun, such as Carry On: Abroad, Cowboy, Cruising, Dick, Doctor, Henry, Jack, Loving, Matron, Nurse, Regardless, Up the Jungle and Up the Khyber. Starring (the archive of) Eric Barker, Amanda Barrie, Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Kenneth Connor, Jim Dale, Angela Douglas, Shirley Eaton, Charles Hawtrey, Percy Herbert, Hattie Jacques, Sid James, Dilys Laye, Bob Monkhouse, Bill Owen and Joan Sims.

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