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That Night In Rio

That Night In Rio

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That Night In Rio,  An entertainer in Rio impersonates a wealthy aristocrat. When the aristocrat’s wife asks him to carry the impersonation further, complications ensue.

Another Funny and Musical Work From the 40’s

That Night In Rio,  During a nice night out with his wife, Cecilia (Alice Faye), Baron Manuel Duarte (Don Ameche) watches a performance by entertainer, Larry Martin (also played by Don Ameche), who impersonates him…and he does it very well. Impressed by the performance, the baron goes backstage to meet the young actor. Little does the baron know that the actor chats with is wife. When the baron is missing for work, his associates hire Larry to impersonate the baron (and has no idea what he’s doing either). And the rest is history.

A comical 1940’s film this is, also starring the one and only Carmen Miranda, who plays Larry’s hot-tempered girlfriend, Carmen, who of course is also a singer at the club where Larry performs.

What I love about the old films from the 1940’s is the old fashion Hollywood glamour with the fancy dresses and evening gowns, etc., and not to mention, the fine jewelry the women wear (i.e. the baronesses anniversary gift from her husband). But it’s a far cry from what you see today: Lack of long term kissing, sex, violence, and of course, swearing. Lots of music and ditsy characters.

I found “That Night In Rio” quite delightful when I watched it on AMC. It was bubbly with a lot of really lighthearted music and comedy, and sophisticated fashions worn by Carmen Miranda and Alice Faye. I got a kick out of Carmen’s hot-tempered character, who kept on throwing her shoes at Larry when he made her angry. Not to mention, Don Ameche was a brilliant actor who could play two different characters quite well, and can compare each of them onscreen. 🙂

Good film…enjoyable for anyone who likes old movies! 🙂

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