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Ten Wanted Men

Ten Wanted Men

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A typical Randolph Scott film, but not a major effort


“Ten Wanted Men” probably would not make a list of must see films, for the simple reason that it was released during the 50’s as a movie bound for the Saturday afternoon double feature bill at the local movie house. The viewer will recognize a lot of Grade-B western movie actors, and this does give a bit of nostalgia to the film.

Scott plays the rancher in the valley with most of the power and influence, while Richard Boone plays an up-and-comer who has designs to crowd in on Scott’s area. Assisting Boone in this plan are veteran western heavies Leo Gordon and Lee Van Cleef and Dennis Weaver playing the sheriff before his “Gunsmoke” days. As indicated, it is a simple tale of the good guy against the bad guy, with a fistic brawl between Scott and Gordon settling the issue. A good film for the western fans.

Top notch western.

Come on, guys, this a classic action western of high calibre. Its got a great plot that builds up to a satisfying climax. Its a kind of film that lets go and wants you to enjoy yourself. The Budd Boectcher westerns are great, but that can be a bit talky and long drawn out. But Ten wanted men is has solid acting, writing and I have seen a plenty of times and will do so. Randolph Scott, as ever, is dependable and solid which parries nicely with Boone’s brooding persona. The scenery is superb and i liked the beginning of the film where Alfonsa Bedoya kidnaps Skip Homier and his father and you are fooled into thinking that the action will soon start. granted the film takes time to let loose but, boy, when it does its like a firecracker. A must see film! Forget the other reviews!

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