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Babes Going Crazy - Strip Fight Farm Girls

Babes Going Crazy - Strip Fight Farm Girls

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Strip Fight Farm Girls, “Five beautiful, sensual and… aggressive women. You have a front row seat as these sultry contestants are paired up for stripfights: wrestling matches with no time limit until a winner emerges – the one who strips her opponent naked! These gorgeous ladies will do anything they can to get their sexy opponents stripped naked and thus become reigning Stripfight (R) champion!”

Strip Fight Farm Girls, I have long considered myself a connoisseur of videos in which the participants seek to leave their opponent humiliated and in a state of undress. As such, I found Strip Fight: Farm Girls to offer many of the features that viewers such as I have come to expect, while going above and beyond the call of the duty. Of the myriad in this genre, clearly we are dealing with the cream of the crop here. The women are skilled not only in the art of seduction, but also adept at brutal hand to hand combat. I would rate the level of violence to be a bit below what one would hope for, but this is more than made up for by the brilliant cinematography and the high-end production values. The sound editing, allowing you to hear the farm animals going about their daily routine, as the feisty girls rip and shred each others clothing to pieces, really makes you feel like you’re a part of the action. Short of sitting in on an actual farm girl strip fight, this DVD is the closest you can come.

The Naked Women’s Wrestling League, also known as NWWL, is a defunct erotic women’s professional wrestling promotion which featured naked females battling in the ring. Carmen Electra acted as hostess for the organization until 2007

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is a women’s professional wrestling promotion that began in 1986 and has continued in various forms after it left television. Colorful characters, strong women, and over-the-top comedy sketches were integral to the series’ success.

Babes Going Crazy – Strip Fight Cage Fight

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