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Star Knight

Star Knight

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Star Knight When a dazzling craft illuminates the sky above a medieval European village, the townspeople fear mayhem while the ruling party prepares for battle with the mysterious “dragon in the sky.” After Princess Alba is discovered missing, the quest for power and the young girl’s affections drive Klever to free her from the strange cosmic knight. But is that her desire? Worldly boundaries are crossed in this gothic sci-fi tale of power, greed and the universal language of love. He’s about to become a legend in another time.

Delightful funny fantasy

Star Knight I read the IMDb comments before watching this movie, and most said “bad bad bad”. So I was skeptical when I turned on the DVD player, and soon very positively surprised.

Mixing the themes of medieval knights and alien visitors, it took some cues from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but it’s very different. Badness may be in the eye of the beholder. For myself, I can only say: It made me laugh and it made me cry (witness dried tear stains on my glasses), and offered memorable sights. And that’s what I demand from a good movie.

Like a play, it has a short list of personae: the old count, Klever (Harvey Keitel), Boetius the scientist (Kinski), the bishop, Alba, IX the extraterrestrian. Their wheelings and dealings made at least some sense to me. Alba (Maria Lamor) had some witty lines, especially when telepathing with IX. The main conflict was clearly brought out: IX must die when he sheds his space suit, but only then can he make love to Alba. The tournament between Klever and IX was gripping – especially the end when IX is naked and presumedly dead. Liquid gold to the rescue :^)

All in all, for me this was not a bad movie at all. Old, yes; unrealistic, of course – this is sheer fantasy. If you want an escape from this present world, you might as well watch Caballero del dragòn.
Oh, and if God had wanted us nude, we’d be born that way…

Star Crash

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