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Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

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Storyline,  Spymaker : The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, This movie follows the exciting life of a dashing young Ian Fleming (Jason Connery), the mastermind behind the highly successful James Bond books and movies. As a womanizer and a hopeless romantic, Fleming got himself expelled from Eton and other prestigious public schools before his mother, fed up, sent him to work for Reuters, the news bureau. While covering a show-trial of British engineers in Soviet Moscow, Fleming pulled his first Bond-like escapade, almost losing his life in the process. This caught the interest of Britain’s dormant yet watchful military intelligence, later to become the highly acclaimed Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.). After Fleming’s recruitment into His Majesty’s Service, his exploits become increasingly fantastic. It is difficult to believe that this is not fiction. This movie goes to prove, once again, that truth is stranger than fiction.

More entertaining than a Bond film.

I found The Secret Life of Ian Fleming more entertaining than any James Bond film that I have ever seen, though I will readily admit that I am not a fan of the series or the genre. The obviously low-budget nature of the film contributed towards an emphasis on story (though obviously a somewhat exaggerated one), rather than on gimmickry and gadgetry. You felt that even though the story undoubtedly didn’t happen as it appeared on screen, that it COULD have happened like that – the bounds of credibility weren’t stretched too far. Jason Connery showed that although he doubtless got the part because of his name, he was quite capable of playing it well. Kristin Scott Thomas, in an early role, is as usual outstanding (not to mention breathtakingly lovely) – there is ample evidence of the skill that has made her the pre-eminent actress of her generation. Throw in a good supporting cast with the likes of Patricia Hodge, Joss Ackland (one again doing malevolence to a tee), David Warner and Colin Welland, and you have an entertaining hour and a half to pass the time with.

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