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Spider & Rose

Spider & Rose

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Spider and Rose are on the road to Coonabarabran. It’s Spider’s last day working as an ambo, and he’s in a hurry. Rose has been in a car crash and would prefer they take their time. Along the way the two get to know each other and have some adventures neither one had planned.

One Of The Best Feel-Good Films!

Spider & Rose, Absolutely brilliant comedy-drama about the most unlikely of friends – a fragile old lady and a young rebel. Ruth Cracknell and Simon Bossell are fantastic in their roles. This is a wonderful, feel-good road trip adventure that embodies so many emotions we can all relate to. ‘Spider & Rose’ is one of my all-time favorite films!

A little ripper

I love this movie. I must have seen it three times already and tonight when I watched it again, it impressed me all over again. Yes, I agree with what has been said before about Ruth Cracknell, she was unmatched, and I have not seen a lot of her work. But the thing about Australian films that always draws me in is the crispness and sparkle that is missing in other countries’ offerings. I don’t know what it is – maybe the diminished ozone layer? Anyway to me, this is a joy, a feast of one liners, a corny story with an unusual ending – I thought it would end differently – some great panoramic filming and great characters. What more is there? OK, it’s not Shakespeare, Pinter or Mike Leigh, but it is entertainment and for me, it’s timeless.

A Very Funny Film

I think being an Australian would be a lot harder if it weren’t for people like Ruth Cracknell. & it is interesting how much of her iconic work dealt with people who aren’t spoken of much in polite society – the old. (see *Mother and Son*) This movie is another charming example, & it makes me crack up each time I see it. Sure, the ‘street lingo’ is out of date and the references to other bits of nineties culture won’t stick to people who weren’t there, but that is no reason for it to be kept out of the way like so many other Australian films. Because it IS very funny, and strange enough for some, the young still relate to the old these days.

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My dvd arrived in good condition and on time. I'm giving them 5 stars. I would definitely recommend them.