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Silver River

Silver River

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Silver River, Unjustly booted out of the cavalry, Mike McComb strikes out for Nevada, and deciding never to be used again, ruthlessly works his way up to becoming one of the most powerful silver magnates in the west. His empire begins to fall apart as the other mining combines rise against him and his stubbornness loses him the support of his wife and old friends.

Under-appreciated, Near Classic Western

Silver River,  is an under-appreciated, near classic western, that cries out for two things, color and greater chemistry between Flynn and Sheridan. Flynn liked VERY young women; he was probably intimidated by the mature, stronger, types, and Sheridan was one of the strongest. The hostile fireworks between them are quite convincing, the romance, less so. Since Flynn’s feelings for Sheridan are central to the plot and thematic elements of this movie, this could have been disastrous. However, the complex, biographical-like plotting, solid performances by supporting actors and well choreographed overall action make up for this. The behavior of Flynn’s character is quite understandable. When he is unselfish, he invariably suffers, having his career destroyed, not once, but twice. Thomas Mitchell’s reformed drunk turned senatorial candidate would seem far fetched, until we are reminded that President Grant (a key character in the story) was a reformed alcoholic. Mitchell does the right things for the wrong reasons, Flynn the wrong things for the right reasons. This is certainly my favorite Errol Flynn western. I just wish Warner Brothers had given Flynn his usual “A” treatment and opted for color.

Very well acted, morality stressed

I agree with all the previously positive opinions on this movie. Thomas Mitchell is an excellent actor who uniquely is found in most of Hollywood’s better award-wining movies from the late 30’s to the late fifties. He never has a mediocre performance. Errol Flynn was at his best prior to this movie but still his skill is clearly demonstrated. Ann Sheridan plays the part of a ” strong woman ” by donning mens’ clothing in her pursuit of being a business woman with her silver mining husband. Typical of most movies prior to the mid-60’s; there is either one or no comment on woman cross-dressing into cowboy duds. Errol does say in the script ” you look very silly wearing pants “; Ann claims ” I borrowed them from my brother ” and ” would look more silly not wearing any right now ” . Her pants are slim fitted, showing her beautiful feminine figure, allowing for them to be tucked into tall mens’ riding boots. She cuts a very seductive figure in her ” brother’s borrowed clothes “.

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