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Silk Hope

Silk Hope

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Silk Hope  Just when her sister and her fiancé are planning to sell their late father’s North Carolina farm, philanderer Frannie Vaughn, whom they couldn’t even reach for the funeral, returns. She prevents the sale and flippantly decides to turn it into a pig farm, without any know-how. Meanwhile she makes life livelier and harder for anyone in the factory where her sister gets her a job she soon messes up, but thus finds a partner in foreman Ruben, standing by him when disaster strikes.

Pleasant enough diversion…

Silk Hope  Farrah Fawcett has spent the better part of her post-Angel’s career confounding us, with an occasional noteworthy acting performance sandwiched in between her Playboy frolics and Letterman escapades. But when it comes down to it, there’s no denying that this girl can act. Far from a story of epic proportions, this well-done TV-movie is gentle, quiet and occasionally moving. Fawcett plays the wayward black sheep daughter come home only to find that she missed the last days of her mom’s life as well as the funeral, much to the chagrin of her more stable and presumably more sensible sister. Brad Johnson plays the love interest, and a story unfolds with all the typical elements of telefilm drama- but then there’s always that confounding Farrah to watch, and she does, indeed, remain eminently watchable. (And, yes, I admit it, I did have that Farrah poster on my wall way back when). Silk Hope gets three and a half stars (out of five) on the Corkymeter. Bosley would be proud.

Gentle family drama

This TV film tells the story of extrovert Frannie suddenly returning to Silk Hope to visit friends and family, but unaware of her mother’s death. Her sister runs the family home, but is intending to sell it and move away with her new husband. Frannie strongly objects to the idea, and vows to keep the family heirloom as it were, by getting a job and maintaining responsibility.

In comes handsome Ruben and the two soon fall in love (as you do), and it’s from this point that I sort of lost interest….

There is more to Farrah Fawcett than just the blonde hair and looks, she can portray a character extremely convincingly when she puts her mind to it – and it is certainly proved here as well as some of her previous efforts like Extremities and Small Sacrificies – a great performance from the legendary Charlie’s Angel.

Silk Hope is the type of film that never shies away from its cheap and cheerful TV image, and you know there was a limit to the budget, but it’s not the worst film ever made. The positive aspects are there; you just have to find them

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