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Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend

Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend

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Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend Army veterans, just mustered out of the service, are going to the one of the men’s brothers ranch on their way West. Just as they arrive, Indians attack the ranch and kill the brother. The brother was killed because he was using faulty ammunition that did not fire. Buck Devlin, whose brother was killed, musters out of the service with pals John and Wilbur and vows to find the men responsible for the crime.

It does what it says on the tin

With a title like “Shoot-out at Medicine Bend” you know exactly what you’re going to get. This is a thoroughly likable B-Western with Randolph Scott, a young James Garner and Gordon Jones as ex-army buddies trying to find out who robbed them, (when they were doing a bit of skinny-dipping), aka the goodies and James Craig, Myron Healey, John Alderson and sundry others as the baddies. There isn’t really much plot; it’s really just the good guys vs the bad guys and that’s it but it’s exciting and quite funny. The females involved are a young Angie Dickinson, cast here as the ‘nice’ girl and Dani Crayne, the saloon singer. Richard L Bare is the director and he doesn’t waste a single shot.

Good minor-key Scott Western of interest for early Garner

Shoot-Out At Medicine Bend, One of the more minor-key of Randolph Scott’s late 50’s Westerns, with frequent era collaborator Budd Boetticher nowhere in sight. The more standard filming style is evident, but Scott offers his traditional dependable portrayal, and the film is of interest for the early big-screen work of James Garner and Angie Dickinson. Has some good action scattered throughout.

Dani Crayne

I am a big fan of both Randolph Scott ( Captain Devlin), and James Garner ( Dgt. Maitland), and watched this movie for them But a real standout was someone I had never heard of Dani Crayne ( Nell Garrison) before seeing this move, but she is a real highlight. Spoilers ahead: She is a beautiful saloon singer who is despised by everyone especially Priscilla King ( Angie Dickinson), because they think she is a tramp and untrustworthy ( the only one who believed in her was Devlin ( even Maitland who she really liked did not because she got Private Clegg ( Gordon Jones) drunk which caused him and Maitland to be arrested and almost hung)). As it turns out she was actually a good girl who turned out to be one of the heroes ( along with Scott of course) because she saved them ( and Scott) from evil store keeper Ep Clark.( James Craig) and his gang by letting Scott know what was going on. Does she turn out okay? Yes she does, ending up with Garner, while Scott enda up with Angie Dickenson. The only negative to the movie is Garner really has little to do and even Dickenson contributes more to Scott winning then he does. Again 9/10 stars mostly for Randolph Scott and Dani Crayne.

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