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Shadowlands, C.S. Lewis (Sir Anthony Hopkins) is the author of the “Chronicles of Narnia” books. Known as Jack, he teaches at Oxford during the 1950s. An American fan, Joy Gresham (Debra Winger), arrives to meet him for tea in Oxford. It is the beginning of a love affair. Tragically, Joy becomes terminally ill and their lives become complicated.

This film is just extraordinary!
Shadowlands, I will say that when I saw the rating of 7.4, someone will say that is a fairly decent rating. I personally think for this masterpiece, the rating should be higher, honestly the quality of the acting and cinematography makes it worthy to be in the top 250. I honestly did think that this film is just extraordinary, beautifully shot with wonderful locations, and matched perfectly by one of the most gorgeous music scores I have ever heard in my life, composed by George Fenton that never interfered with the calmness of the film. Richard Attenborough has directed many ambitious but beautifully made films like Oh!What a Lovely War, Cry Freedom and Chaplin, and I will say that Shadowlands deserves to be up there with his best, it is a heart-rending film of true love and the consequences that left me speechless(I am 17), that I don’t think has had enough praise. The performances were just outstanding. Anthony Hopkins was phenomenal as CS Lewis, and I am glad he got some awards for his performance, honestly it was that good. Debra Winger is just perfection as Joy Gresham, a victim of the devastating illness bone cancer. The two leads’ chemistry is the main reason why I love this movie, I confess I cried when Lewis held the dying Joy in his arms, the reason being it reminded me of Mimi’s Death Scene in La Boheme. The child star, Joseph Mazello was a huge surprise as Douglas, a boy of wide imagination and deep feeling. The scene where he and Lewis are crying in each other’s arms made my eyes well up with emotion, never until yesterday did I see Hopkins look so tender with anybody on screen, not even in The Elephant Man. As Warnie, Edward Hardwicke best known for his appearances as Dr Watson in the 80s-90s Sherlock Holmes series was remarkable, a minor character but one with feeling and understanding. The actors are helped by a poignant and well-written script, that at times does give clever nods to Lewis’s literary genius. It is no wonder that Shadowlands got an award for best British film of the year, it is just beautiful. It is more steady paced than the Elephant Man, another film I am really fond of,and less involving in terms of action, but neither of these things are disadvantages, because i cannot deny what joy I felt watching this film.

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