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Sexual Malice aka The Other Man

Sexual Malice aka The Other Man

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Sexual Malice aka The Other Man Unsatisfied by her marriage, Christine begins an affair with a seductive, mysterious stranger named Quinn. But they get carried away with their passion which leads way to obsession and murder.

Late night erotic TV movie

Sexual Malice aka The Other Man Christine is recounting what happened to the police. She is bored with her loveless marriage to husband Richard. She makes more money and he hasn’t been happy ever since the University passed him over for tenure. Detective Jack Ross does her a favor when her brother David Reese is found drunk. Ross had left her at the alter. While at a tax shelter seminar, her friend Nicole takes her to a male strip club. Nicole steals Christine’s room key and gives it to the mysterious stripper Quinn.

The story is basically a female erotic romance novel. This is possibly aimed at couples but that’s up in the air. It is from a long line of 90s late night TV erotica and not a particularly good one. The production is marginal except when they do a nude scene. That’s when they pump up the 90s erotic music and do all the sex posing. The acting is passable for a B-movie. This is exactly what one expects from this type of movies.

Diana Baron’s nude scenes make this movie

Sexual Malice is another cheap direct to video erotic thriller. The plot is pretty routine but the sex scenes are pretty steamy especially the one in the dressing room. I would say just fast forwrd throguh the movie and only watch the nude scenes with Diana Baron.

If you liked Showgirls as a Cult viewer, rather than a serious advocate of b-movie erotic thrillers, or if you get a kick out of watching bad movies, this is for you. Sexual Malice works very well. As a comedy. It seems every few minutes there appears a random outburst of strange dialogue, a hilarious bit of wooden acting, or an abrupt and unlikely sexual scenario. Diana Barton, bless her, is genius as a mopey, yet graceful main character Christine, who seems to force herself through the scenes with dignity, or with a great sense of humour, not sure which. Her delivery of lines such as, “You low-class son-of-a-bitch” and “David, he could ruin my life” are little gems in their own right. Diana isn’t the only one with “comedic timing”. The supporting actors add a rich dimension to a thin plot. By rich I mean thigh-slapping hilarity. And by thin I mean inconsequential. This film is a completely bizarre and compelling experience that has changed my life. I will never grow tired of it!
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