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Scorchy  Seattle undercover narc Jackie Parker (Stevens) is out to bust the drug smuggling ring commanded by Philip Bianco (Danova).

Entertaining slice of prime 70’s drive-in schlock

Scorchy  Spunky undercover narcotics officer Jackie (a winningly perky performance by Connie Stevens) goes out of her way to take down a drug-smuggling ring run by the nefarious Philip Bianco (smoothly essayed with gusto to spare by Cesare Danova). Writer/director Howard Avedis tells the enjoyably goofy story at a snappy pace and maintains an engaging breezy tone throughout. The sturdy cast of reliable pros helps a whole lot: The immortal Big Bill Smith hits it out of the ballpark once again with his supremely nasty portrayal of the vicious Carl Henrich, Norman Burton grouches it up with crusty aplomb as the huffy Chief Frank O’Brien, John Davis Chandler excels in one of his trademark slimy creep roles, and Greg Evigan contributes a likable turn as amiable hunk Alan. Connie’s vivacious personality and bubbly charm keeps the picture humming (and Connie even bares her beautifully bountiful boobs as well!). The ineptly staged action scenes and occasional clumsy use of strenuous slow motion provide a wealth of unintentional belly laughs. The surprise bummer ending packs a wicked punch. The energetic groovy score hits the right-on swinging spot. Good trashy fun.

A guilty pleasure for the ages

This bizarre crime drama stars Connie Stevens as undercover narc Jackie Parker, out to bust the junk smuggling ring commanded by Cesare Danova. There’s tons of action: shoot ’em ups, outrageous chase sequences, Connie taking a shower…but the best part of the movie is watching Connie chase the bad guys in what appear to be her pajamas. Add in the fact that the film bears no relation to its odd title, and you have a late night classic.
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