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Jody Deakes joins up with his father after many years, only to discover that his dad is part of an outlaw gang on the run from a relentless bounty hunter named Santee. Jody is orphaned soon after Santee catches up to the gang, and follows Santee in hopes of taking vengeance for his father’s death. Instead, however, Jody discovers that Santee is a good and loving man, tormented by the death of his young son at the hands of another outlaw gang. Santee and his wife take Jody in and a father-son relationship begins to grow. Then the gang that killed Santee’s son shows up.

Not the best of reunions…

is a decent enough film, but it’s “Jody” song that comes and goes throughout the movie is reason enough to deduct a point!

The film begins with a really BAD family reunion. Jody, a 19 year- old guy, comes upon his father and three of his ‘friends’. It seems that Jody barely knows his dad and was raised by his divorced mother. Well, wouldn’t you know that the father and his men are on the run from the law! Soon, a bounty hunter, (Glenn Ford), shows and quickly dispatches the guilty four men–leaving Jody a bit shocked to say the least! Jody is angry enough at Santee to kill…but inexplicably, Santee is nice to him and realizes he was not involved with his father’s gang and their crimes. What follows is a bonding between Jody and Santee, as Santee takes him home with him and treats him decently. All this bromance, however, is short- lived, as the men who wronged Santee so long ago and set him on a life as a bounty hunter arrive in town–and they are really bad dudes!

The film has a rather original plot and I enjoyed it. But 1970s god-awful music took away, somewhat, from my enjoyment. Still, despite this, it’s worth your time. Plus, you get to see Jay Silverheels in a role much more interesting than playing Tonto to the Lone Ranger.

The Bounty Hunter

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