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Samurai Shodown : The Motion Picture

Samurai Shodown : The Motion Picture

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Samurai Shodown : The Motion Picture   One hundred years after their deaths, six legendary holy warriors are reborn to seek justice against the former comrade who betrayed them into the hands of an evil god! The six warriors search the feudal province of Edo questing for the last Saint Soldier, Haohmaru, and their sworn nemesis Shirou Amakusa. Will the followers of the divine light triumph over the forces of darkness, or is history destined to repeat itself? Before their hundred-year journey has ended, six samurai will prove that the only thing stronger than their holy blades is the steel of their wills!  Samurai Shodown : The Motion Picture

Why hasn’t Bennett The Sage reviewed this?

I admit to knowing little to nothing about the Samurai Shodown franchise. I don’t think that really matters because if a movie is truly good, it should be able to stand out as being good in its own right. I can say that this was very bad, among the worst anime films I’ve ever seen. I guess it’s no surprise seeing as how bad video game movies are, but anime versions are usually better. I was amazed at how cliché the story was. It featured a bunch of people working together to defeat an evil force that was away for a hundred years or something. The animation doesn’t hold up at all.

Samurai Shodown : The Motion Picture I found the characters to be so annoying. Haohmaru is particularly obnoxious. When he’s not acting like a doofus, he’s just insulting the other characters all of whom have very little depth to them. We get this stuff about how his mother was killed and the villain is tempting him and it’s all things we’ve seen countless times before. The short length really works against it, because we have no time to flesh out these characters. I believe fans hate this movie as well, so I’ll agree it isn’t faithful to the games. The “Fatal Fury” movie was way better.
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