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Saddle the Wind

Saddle the Wind

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Saddle the Wind, Granted a small plot of land in a lush valley and a start of cattle by the generous landowner and cattle baron, Dennis Deneen (Donald Crisp), the once-feared gunslinger, Steve Sinclair (Robert Taylor), has renounced violence, intent on keeping the peace in the community. However, the sudden arrival of Steve’s much younger brother, Tony (John Cassavetes), and his saloon singer fiancée, Joan Blake (Julie London), will pave the way for a bitter rivalry between siblings, as the volatile young gunfighter craves to prove his mettle. More and more, Tony’s tricked-out custom six-shooter demands blood. Is Tony destined to be the lord of the rich valley?

Excellent, subversive Western.

Saddle Yourself

This is the classic Western as it is just one of the millions of different stories of the old West but similar to all of them. You get a glimpse of the lifestyles, the risks and the rewards and yes the law was settled by gun-play until it was not. This Western has it all. Gunfights, horses, cattle, bar, whiskey, a love interest with a backstory and of course heroes and villain. Great emotional scenes that just push and pull on you too making it a must see for the viewer so you can be entertained. All the actors are at the top of their game too. Scenery is beautiful and one can easily imagine how pleasant it was to live this simple and rewarding life as the seasons changed. Nice song in the opening credits and later on too. Listen to the words for they are well chosen. Nice ending with good closure. Recommend a dinner meal with tasty drink followed by a good snack for the maximum viewing enjoyment. Saddle up, mount up, ride and then call it a night…

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