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Run Rebecca Run!

Run Rebecca Run!

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Run Rebecca Run!  Simone Buchanan plays a young camera fanatic who is marooned on a desert island. Here she is threatened by a refugee from South America (Henri Szeps) who isn’t keen on having his whereabouts known. Hostility melts into friendship before the rescue boats arrive.

exciting and interesting

Run Rebecca Run!  This micro budget kids pic from 1981 is an excellent small film that entertains and excites until the end credits. Then-unknown young thesp Simone Buchanan is a girl using her wits to outsmart plausible baddies in the Australian outdoors. Henri Szeps, well known tele star adds likable adult interest and the modest production values do not detract in any way. Almost unreleased in cinemas, it was part of a package of kids pix made by a private film company headed by TV producer Brendan Lunney. Most films in Australia are made with Government money. RUN REBECCA RUN has a great chase in the finale and some creepy moments by feral MAD MAX 2 tot Emil Minty in one of his few screen appearances. RUN REBECCA RUN is a good kids film and they will easily enjoy. So will Mums and Dads.

Fun Aussie Kiddie treat

This work first appeared in the US on PBS’s Wonderworks show. I saw this many years ago, and enjoyed it very much. This is the story of a little girl on the run from kidnappers, and the help she gets from a friend with a walkie-talkie radio. What kid hasn’t fantasized about an incredible adventure out-witting evil adults?

Great Childrens Film

When I first saw this film I was captivated by it. I played it so many times I wore out the tape and eventually the old VHS player gave up the ghost. I grew up got married and forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago while at my local Sunday market a seller there had some DVD’s for sale. I nearly fainted when I came across a DVD of Run Rebecca Run. Sunday afternoon was spent watching it again with my daughter and to my delight she has enjoyed it as much as me. I recommend this film as one of the best children’s film you could purchase

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